Presidents Message


 Presidents Message August 2019


As it was, there was no Monthly Meeting in June. But Neal

went the extra mile to schedule a luncheon outing at The

Creekside Restaurant in Brecksville. Those that took advantage

of a time to enjoy the day had a really nice time.

A beautiful sunny day to me was jumping in that old FLATHEAD

and heading to Colette’s Ponderosa. Like everyone else,

the fields were wet and soggy. Dave made sure we had a place

to park. Lotsa great food and seeing old friends again was a

bonus. RG# 20 was well represented. A BIG THANKS to

DAVE and NANCY for a beautiful day.

I will not be at our meeting this month because of my yearly commitment. I'm

sure Jack can do a great job keeping the ball rolling.

Just for reminders we still have a lot of fun stuff to do yet.

July 14 is the Rocky River City Hall Car Show. Good day to sit around and ogle

everyone's pride and joy. July 21 Hale Farm & Village Car Show. July 27 &28

Midvale Speedway Overnight Cruise. On August 22 is Regina Nursing Center

Cruise. August 23-27 is the V8 Central Meet in Auburn, Indiana

Be sure to want to participate in our 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Time and place to be announced soon. The girls are working their tails off to

make this a great year to remember.

All of our events and details are in the Newsletter thanks to Annette and Craig.

Try to patronize our advertisers if in need.

Much, much more to do this year. Keep those V8s in good running condition.

That's why "HANK" put wheels on them.


I love you guys, the "BEST RG" in the world.