Presidents Message


 Presidents Message March 2018

Its official, spring will be here soon. The groundhog saw his shadow and we had our first meeting this year.

    It was good to see everyone again and very happy to welcome our newest members.  It was a busy meeting.

That’s a good thing. That reflects a lot on our members that are willing step up and keep this Great Regional Group running like a well-tuned "Flathead V8".  Attending monthly meetings is part of being an active member, also participating in activities is beneficial to you as well as it is to the group. I know that I harp on this a lot, but I believe that you get back more than you give. We have been very fortunate that Rich Jandrey has provided a guest and presentations every meeting.  A lot of it is automotive related.  If you have any ideas or want to share something of interest, please feel free to suggest something of interest or even care to host an event or outing. 

  • It is good to know that we have recruited some fine new members.
  • Welcome folks, it is always a pleasure to meet new friends and be able to share all the fun stuff we do, as each season brings a few new adventures.   
  • Keep in mind, heart and prayers for some of our members that are shut in and enable to attend activities. If anyone needs a ride to meetings or any activity, feel free to let me know and I'll try to hook you up with a ride. No member left behind. 
  • Congratulations to Annette and Craig as the Headliner received an "Honorable Mention Award" this year.

Also Regis Schilling has got our phenomenal website is up and running again after being hacked. Thanks Regis. In my opinion, our website is one of a kind and a wealth of knowledge. 

       Drive Safe, my friends. Half the fun is getting there.

     N joy ur V8 B4 it's2 l8