Presidents Message


 Presidents Message September 2018



Wow! What a fantastic job on preparing and coordinating the V8

Ohio Tour. Jack and Sharon pulled another beautiful weekend out of

their hat. Everything went on schedule and not a single glitch. I

lived in Cleveland at lot of my life, but never took the opportunity to

do the things we did. Thank you Jack and Sharon. A little icing on

the cake came with a day outing at the Crawford Museum and a

lunch at Guarino’s Italian restaurant.

Learning all about insuring our classic car and finding an honest

and reliable Insurance Company is a most valuable asset. Mr. Donald Shury is a well documented

appraiser and gave our Group a lot of insight on the value of our prized V8s at

our last meeting.

I was unable to attend the Regina Car show and gathering. I believe a good time was,

had for all who attended.

HARPING: I have been noticing our monthly meeting attendance has been a little thin.

I'm aware that we have 99 members and our attendees are averaging 25 members. Every

one of us is a valuable asset to our great Regional Group and we need those assets to keep

us rolling. We do need active members that are willing to help us to be the best of the best.

Giving back is such a beautiful and gratifying thing. There are a few things that need to be

done to keep the wheels turning. One is a way to make more people aware of who we are

and what we do. A discussion for the next meeting. Also we need suggestions and doers

for a fund raiser. Yes, we are a car club, but we also are a service club. We still can have

fun things to do and hope the weather goes along with the program. How about a day trip


Keep in your mind and prayers for two of our deceased members Marie Royer and

Shirley Jones. They will truly be missed. Also try to send a card or call our shut ins.


Also remember to support our generous sponsors on the back page.


. ENjoy ur V8 B4 it's 2late