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 Presidents Message April 2022 Our 53rd Year!

 I can’t believe that the warm weather is almost here. Even

though we live in Northern Ohio and due for one more shot of

sloppy weather, it is almost time to get out and enjoy some longawaited

fun. From what has been discussed so far this summer

should be quite action packed. God knows we have waited long


With a cruise to a drive-in, an invitation to the Cleveland Yacht

Club in May, the National Meet in June, a picnic to Dave and Nancy’s farm in

Penn. in July, an overnight trip to the Gilmore Museum in August and a corn roast

in Oct. As you can see we are trying to make up for the last two summers. Folks,

this is each and everyone’s club so let’s try to make this coming summer a memorable

one and have some fun.

It was good to see so many people at the last meeting. It was very encouraging to

see so many members hanging around after the meeting just standing around chatting

and catching up. I just learned that we have the meeting room until 10:00 we

don’t need to rush out right away.

Neal put together a wonderful lunch date at D’Agnese’s Restaurant. We had 9

people there, had a wonderful meal and the conversation never stopped. Neal always

comes up with a memorable place for an afternoon lunch event. If anyone

has any ideals for a lunch stop, please pass it on to Neal, he would appreciate the


As mentioned before there is an overnight trip to the Gilmore Museum in Aug.

Detailed information in this newsletter. If you plan on attending please make your

hotel reservations as we only have a block of 20 rooms.

Looking forward to seeing us on the road!!!!